New Careers Opportunities Emerge From Shrinking Professions

In her article “Disappearing Jobs,” Cindy Perman takes a look at previously in-demand jobs that appear to be vanishing and the factors-outsourcing, technology, the economy-contributing to their extinction.

There’s no doubt that certain industries are changing rapidly, and that some career paths might never regain the prominence or prevalence they once had. But from their ashes, a whole new set of careers are emerging: careers that utilize the same skill sets, career opportunities but that will be in demand well into the future. If you were interested in entering any of the careers that are now on the decline, or were employed in one of these careers, fear not. There are a whole crop of options within the same industry you can choose from instead

If you were interested in journalism…
With the internet taking a bite out of print and broadcast media’s advertising revenues, the major newspapers and news channels aren’t hiring the way they used to. But if journalism, writing, and reporting are your passion, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a career in this field. You may just need to think outside the box.

One of the reasons the face of journalism has changed so much in the past few years is the growth of social media. With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs becoming quick and dependable sources of information, those who want a news/journalism career can explore jobs that embrace these technologies. Positions such as social media manager, content manager, video journalist and blogger can be a great place to start.

If you were interested in office administration…
Office administrators used to be the people who really made an office run, with their multi-tasking skills, attention to detail, and ability to know everything that was going on. According to the BLS, however, this career is among the top 30 fastest-declining careers. As technology makes it easier to process, store, file, access and retrieve information, those that previously performed these tasks aren’t in demand the way they used to be.

But if you were a part of this field, or wanted to be a part of this field, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your administrative skills and utilize them in an entirely different, and equally rewarding, career. Within the healthcare field, there is a growing need for those who can help process information, alpinepillsshop standardize data, work with multiple databases, and coordinate with large, inter-departmental teams, as medical records are converted into an electronic format. You may want to look into health information technologist, health information management, or medical billing and coding specialist careers, which can build upon your administrative skills and give you entry into the rapidly-growing healthcare field.

If you’re interested in law…
Law has always been a popular career choice, so popular, in fact, that competition for positions is going to be increasingly competitive in coming years. The BLS estimates that growth will remain at the national average for these careers, but with larger-than-average graduating classes will mean more people are competing for the same amount of jobs. Becoming a lawyer, in other words, will be more difficult than ever in the near future.

If you’re interested in the stock market…
Was Gordon Gekko your idol? Have you been dreaming of college graduation just because you couldn’t wait to get to Wall Street and try your hand in the stock market? Well, as you probably already know, stockbroker and other finance jobs aren’t as stable or as profitable as they once were.

But if green is your thing, there’s a new industry emerging that will allow you to play the markets and save the planet at the same time. Don’t believe me? Check out the career opportunities for carbon credit traders, who help companies purchase and sell carbon-emissions permits. Similar career paths include environmental economists, who observe and predict the market for renewable energy and other energy alternatives, and energy brokers, who buy and sell energy for their customers.

If you were interested in auto repair…
For car aficionados, working in automotive repair, opening up your own body shop, and spending your day around cars might have been the ideal job. But as cars become more and more reliable, and as more people turn to public transportation to save money, automotive repair jobs aren’t as lucrative or as common as they used to be. The BLS estimates that opportunities for repairmen and technicians will grow more slowly than average in the next decade.


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