8 Tips on How to Feed Your Dog Right

It takes a responsible and thoughtful pet owner to know what the right diet for his pet is. Proper feeding comes after knowing your pet’s health condition and the nutrients he needs for his status. adfox

So how do you feed your dog right?

1. Start by assessing your dog’s condition– health status, age, growth, level of activity and environmental conditions.

2. Puppies need to be fed with puppy food. Puppy food is especially prepared with complete vitamins and nutrients that boost faster growth. Puppies need those extra calories and energy to meet their high energy requirement. bitpapa

3. Older dogs need to cut down calories to maintain their ideal size. Dogs become less active as they get older so, the problem with burning the calories will arise and cause health problem to them.

4. Sick dogs need higher nutritional needs to boost their immune system to fight off disease. They tend to rest and sleep most of the time which lowers the need for energy. Dogs with kidney problems are advised to lessen protein intake while some dogs which suffer from skin allergies are warned against chicken dog food. moneyrule

5. Healthy and very active dogs need to consume much energy to replenish their need for calories that they burn so easily.

6. Pregnant dogs require a significant increase of vitamins and nutrients to support the developing puppies inside her while the nursing ones need to triple the source of energy and nutrients to fuel her up and improve the quality of her milk. spicecinemas

7. Get the suitable dog food for them. How can you do this? Read the food label to check what vitamin or mineral that it is mostly made up. As a rule, ingredients are listed by amount in descending order.

8. Measure the food that the dog can consume for 20 minutes. Never leave any leftover in his dog bowl to prevent him from eating much or catching any illness but when it comes to water, make sure that your dog has fresh and clean water all the time. baebed


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