Small Penis Pride: The Joys of a Modest Endowment

It’s no news bulletin that penis size is a concern for many men, yet it may come as a surprise to learn that not every man is obsessed with sporting a penis of mammoth proportions. In fact, there are men with what might be considered a small penis who take considerable pride in their equipment and are in no way embarrassed or concerned about it. Such men know that, 7mgg as long as they practice good penis care, there’s no need to be packing a python when a garter snake can do just as well.

What is a small penis anyway?

Just what constitutes a small penis is a matter of some debate. One man may think it means anything under, say, six inches, while another may argue it’s a penis that doesn’t break the four inch barrier, optimal and a third may boastfully state it’s any penis smaller than his own. With unrealistically endowed porn stars setting a high bar, most men of average penis size might feel dwarfed in comparison – and so, to some extent a small penis is any penis the owner of whom feels it is small.

However, aslremodeling in general it’s safe to say that most people would consider a three or four inch erect penis to be small. But that doesn’t mean such a penis is a detriment.


Good things come in small packages, as they say, and the same is true of the man who is accepting of his modest endowment – and who takes pride in it. To men with a fixation on being large, this may seem inconceivable. What could there be about a “non-monster” to be pleased about? inpix

The answer is – plenty! For example:

– It’s more comfortable. Men with enormous members often find their manhood squashed uncomfortably in a tight pair of trousers. The lack of room in the crotch can cause quite a bit of pain, which is not an issue with a more normally sized penis. In addition, larger penises have more of a chance of pulling pubic hair up if they are entangled when they become erect – and that’s not a pleasant feeling. bocoranadminriki

– There’s less public embarrassment. Countless men have horror stories about sporting a very noticeable bulge at an inopportune time – while giving a very important presentation at work, say, or being introduced to a girlfriend’s parents. Also, in some instances a very insistent erection can force down the zipper of the pants, leading to even greater embarrassment – but that’s not usually a concern with a small penis erection.

– Injuries occur less often. Few things hurt more than slamming an erect penis against a hard object, something which sometimes happens when a well-endowed man is thrusting at an unfortunate angle. Smaller men are also less likely to get their appendages caught in zippers.

– It often makes a man a better sexual partner. When a man has a huge penis, More sites visit here:-  there are often unrealistic expectations on a partner’s part – and size does not by itself equal superior capability in bed. By contrast, a smaller man has fewer expectations and also knows he has to work a little harder. Therefore, he is likely to take extra pains to learn how to use his penis to its maximum potential. He may become more experienced and be more open to experimentation and creativity in bed. That’s not to say that men with big members are poor in bed or that all men with small members are expert – but it does mean that learning good sex “tricks” may be of greater importance to the latter.

For optimal results, a crème with vitamin B5 and acetyl L carnitine is advised. Vitamin B5 fulfills a necessary function in keeping cell metabolism in gear and in maintaining healthy penile tissue. Acetyl L carnitine is a neuroprotective ingredient that protects against the peripheral nerve damage from rough handling that can otherwise lead to a diminishment of sensation in the penis.


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