10 Flyer Printing Tips to Generate Massive Carpet Cleaning Sales

When you are trying to compete with the “big guys” who have saturated every market around the nation carpet cleaning flyers, cleanupguys it helps to learn from their advertising strategies to beat them at their own game. To make your name synonymous with carpet cleaning in your local market, follow these 10 flyer printing tips to generate massive carpet cleaning sales.

Take Advantage of Free Professional Templates

Take advantage of free flyer design templates tossncook if you are on a limited advertising budget. If you have a small carpet cleaning company there is no reason you need to be limited to small advertising campaigns. There are free templates online that have been designed by professional graphic designers using proven marketing strategies.

Full Color Grabs Attention

Full color flyers grab attention, zmiiv look professional, and are more likely to be kept on hand. Surveys have shown that consumers toss boring ads away and keep quality ads on hand for future reference. The consumer who gets your flyer may not need carpet cleaning today, but they will in the future! Make hoodpay it easy for them to keep your flyer.

Branding – # 1 Marketing Technique

Everyone has heard of carpet cleaning companies like Stanley Steamer. That is because they have become ‘branded’ by flooding the market with advertising. Use your flyers to brand your company in the market you are trying to reach. Create a slogan that people rnkhabri will remember for years!

Free Carpet Care Tips

To ensure that your flyer will be kept and read, offer a few carpet care tips! A few well placed carpet care tips that customers can refer to from time to time will almost ensure that they will keep your flyer handy.

Optional Services

Highlight some optional services that you provide such as steam cleaning Rare movies on DVD upholstery and draperies. Customers in your area might think they need to use the ‘big guys’ for optional services. If you have it, flaunt it!

Free Bonus Services- Carpet Deodorizer, Carpet Protection

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, it’s a fact! Offer free bonus services with multiple room carpet cleaning jobs. Some ideas that generate massive sales would be to provide free carpet deodorizing treatments or carpet protection in high target areas.

Introductory Discount – Coupons

Use your flyer to highlight introductory discounts or coupons for special promotions you have going on. Again, everyone likes to get something for nothing or save a few bucks whenever possible. Rake in the bucks by helping them save a few!

Advertise the Fact that You ARE Trusted


Many people are reluctant to let strangers in their homes. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why consumers call the large chains. They are licensed and bonded and are fully insured. Use your flyer to tell customers you are licensed and insured as well, but even more importantly, you are insured in their own community!

Testimonials Generate Higher Response Rates


A few prominently placed testimonials on your flyers add to your credence. Other customers in the very same community help to vouch for both the reliability and trustworthiness of your company. Many consumers may even recognize names of friends and neighbors who have benefited from your services. This is ‘word-of-mouth’ in print!

Distribution – Distribution – Distribution

Most printing companies can help you solve the distribution dilemma in your market area. In many cases, it costs less than a first class postage stamp to have them direct mail your flyer for you. Talk to your printer to set up targeted market distribution and keep those flyers going out at regular intervals.

These 10 flyer printing tips should help you to generate massive sales for your carpet cleaning company. Professional, high quality flyers do not need to be expensive, yet they can ‘brand’ your name in your market area.

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